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Various Skin Diseases And Ayurvedic Medication

Get an overview of how skin diseases can be controlled and taken care of with Ayurvedic Medication.

Get an overview of how skin diseases can be controlled and taken care of with Ayurvedic Medication.

Usually a problem inside our body takes a while to show its effects. Skin is said to be the mirror of the internal health of the body. When it comes to a problem with our skin, we immediately notice and resort to some home remedies to cure it. If it doesn’t work, then we consult a doctor for it. But it may not be a permanent solution, so it is necessary to follow the methods of Ayurvedic medicine.

Types Of Skin Diseases

  • Vitiligo (white spots on skin) is a type of skin disease that occurs in men and women with a darker skin complexion. It usually occurs on the jaw, lips, hands and legs (below the knees).
  • Eczema is a type of rash that mainly occurs on the face, knees, elbows and ankles.
  • Dermatitis is a very common skin disease that happens to many young people of age less than 30.
  • Alopecia is common to Indian people staying on foreign lands. This causes bald spots on the head.
  • Lichen Planus usually happens to old people and women during their menopause. This can affect the inside of the tongue causing loss of taste.

Cure Alopecia

Making changes in the diet, taking care of physical and mental well-being along with Ayurvedic medicines is one of the ways to take care of Alopecia. This occurs due to the skin tissues that are extremely weak causing hair fall. However, hair growth will be back once these tissues are repaired. Taking ayurvedic medicine helps in repairing these tissues thereby promoting hair growth.

Final tip! If you have recurring pimples, you can use Indian nettle juice (kuppai meni saar) and mix it with turmeric powder. Use this to wash your face. Do this twice a day for 100 days.

All skin problems can be taken care of when you follow good eating habits, and have a hygienic and active lifestyle. For any skin problems, feel free to get in touch with us.

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