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About Dr. Gowthaman

Where the wisdom of ancient traditions, is enriched by a wealth of proven experience.

At the intersection between Ayurveda, alternative medicine, natural healing and medical technology stands Dr. Gowthaman. As a certified Ayurvedic practitioner with over two decades of rich experience, Dr. Gowthaman’s consulting footprint spans the four corners of the globe, where he is much sought-after.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to  lead one of South India’s biggest chains of Ayurveda clinics. While his business acumen and guidance has enabled Ayurveda establishments to flourish and add immeasurable healing value to their patients.

Dr. Gowthaman’s passion for health and well-being has enabled him to touch over 20,000 patients till date. He is much sought after in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu and in Bangalore, Karnataka, where his day-long health camps are much-awaited and well-attended health events.

His immense contribution to health and wellness has been recognised by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. For this, he has been awarded as ‘the best Ayurveda practitioner,’ by the State Health Secretary.

Dr. Gowthaman specialises in natural healing for areas like:

  • Pain management / relief
  • Lifestyle disorders
  • Women’s and children’s health
  • Overall health and wellness

Dr. Gowthaman’s down-to-earth personality and endearing nature is undergirded by his three-pronged approach, viz. prevention, cure and rejuvenation.

During his entrepreneurial phase,  Dr. Gowthaman headed a team of technologists for over four years, to build a one-of-its-kind healthcare business management system. This product provides end-to-end solutions to small and mid-sized clinic chains; enabling them to address business processes like: scheduling, therapies, inventory and purchase and billings and revenues.

Dr. Gowthaman loves travelling, making new friends and communicating his calling to wellness and health, over social media and his ever-popular YouTube channel. Dr. Gowthaman is also a sought-after guest speaker on a number of Tamil TV channels. 

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