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Benefits of Large Caltrops (Yaanai Nerunchil)

Use this plant to solve foot corns (Kaal Aani), kidney stones, and many other problems.

Use this plant to solve foot corns (Kaal Aani), kidney stones, and many other problems.

Large caltrops are said to be one of the fundamentals of ayurvedic medicine. It provides solutions to kidney problems, female urinary incontinence, and also skin related issues. This is also largely known to remove bile (pitham) from the body.

Herbal Recipe

  • Grind large caltrops to a fine paste.

Ideal Way To Consume

Consume directly or filter it to drink as a juice.

Recommendation! Immerse the stem of large caltrops in a glass of water for 30 minutes. Consuming this helps in resolving the infections caused by heat in the uterus/urinary tract.

What Can ‘Large Caltrops’ Do To The Body?

  • Effective for people with foot corns (kaal aani), infections and redness caused by bee sting, scorpion sting, etc.
  • Helps dissolve the kidney stones.
  • Eliminates toxins from the body.
  • Resolves infections in the urinary tract.
  • Reduces swollen face or leg for women undergoing menopause.
  • Reduces the chance of kidney failure and blockage of red blood vessels.
  • Diabetes,anger issues and depression can be handled.

Foot Corns (Kaal Aani)

People with foot corns can use large caltrops paste mixed with turmeric and heat it in a pan and apply it on the affected areas. Follow this procedure for 3 months.

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