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Therapy to Cure Autism

Check out the different types of therapy for people with Autism disorder.

Check out the different types of therapy for people with Autism disorder.

Autism is not a disease, but a disorder. People with Autism have symptoms like – not responding even if you call their name, not able to talk properly, unable to mingle with others, eating only one type of food, not able to express the pain, etc.

If symptoms like these are seen in children, they have to be immediately consulted by a doctor. ADHD, attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder dyslexia are the other types of disorders found mostly in children. Children from 8 months to 5 years can be diagnosed with these symptoms.

Attention! Autism is not related to the growth of the brain but the understanding of the brain. Sometimes, it may be because of minerals like – Mercury, Aluminium, Copper, Acinic, Bismuth, Lead, Magnesium, and so on.

In the case of dyslexia, children don’t know the difference between a few letters and don’t know how to pronounce them. Children with Dyslexia will show more interest in swimming, and are often artistic.

In Shree Varma, autism can be cured and nearly 36 children were treated and were benefited from this. Behavioral therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy have to be given. 

Occupational Therapy

It takes a minimum of two years of treatment to see fruitful results. Milk and sugar-related products should be avoided. Parents have to be patient because this disorder cannot be cured in a short span of time. It takes years to be cured. Children with dyslexia will see the letter like a mirror image. They won’t understand it, and won’t know where to start and where to end the letter. So, they will be helped in these matters too.


Fits is an electric shock that occurs in the brain suddenly. This usually occurs often in people with autism and other mental disorders. In Ayurveda, we find out the reason for fits, first. The patient takes a blood test to find out the level of minerals to understand the root cause. The later stages are then handled by the expert doctors at Shree Varma Ayurveda clinic. 

Speech Therapy

Healthy food habits and some herbal supplements are needed to treat this disorder, apart from regular speech training. Herbal supplements like Saras Brahmi syrup are given as they have no side effects too. Proper treatment and guidance are important as it is a long-term process and will take two to three years along with occupational therapy, behaviour therapy, etc.

If you are the caretaker and want to help the child with these problems, feel free to get in touch for a consultation and treatment.

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