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Managing ADHD and Autism in Children

Is your child trouble paying attention to people, or not able to develop their mental growth like other kids?

Is your child trouble paying attention to people, or not able to develop their mental growth like other kids?

ADHD & Autism are conditions where kids have some trouble developing their mental growth.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that makes it hard for children to pay attention or sit without continuous movement. Autism (ASD) is another neurodevelopmental condition that challenges social skills even as kids, communication, etc.

Symptoms In ADHD

  • Seems forgetful, easily distracted or daydreamy.
  • Has trouble following directions.
  • Frequent tantrums and meltdowns.
  • Struggles with organization and completing tasks.
  • Struggles with social skills.
  • Struggles to sit still during quiet activities.
  • Interrupts people, blurts things out inappropriately.
  • Acts without thinking.
  • Plays roughly and takes physical risks.
  • Improper sleep at night and even creates disturbances like making sounds, tapping toys, switching on/off the lights, opening a tap in the bathroom and stare at it, etc.

Symptoms In ASD

  • Avoids eye contact and/or physical contact.
  • Gets upset by changes in routine.
  • Struggles with social skills.
  • Prefers to stay alone without playing with other kids.
  • Uses excessive body movements (e.g., rocking, flapping hands).
  • Has obsessive interests and experiences.
  • Advanced verbally but struggles with nonverbal cues.


Autism or ADHD developmental disorder can be treated with proper speech therapy and occupational therapy along with treatment from Shree Varma Ayurveda hospital. Kids who were already undergoing speech and occupational therapy – visited and started out treatment plans and have found considerable improvement in the kids’ development. We suggest simple diet plans and few supplements to encourage and keep the kids happy.

Quality time spent by parents with kids plays a major role in the development of any child. Even if both the parents are working, they need to plan out quality time for the kids either in the mornings or evenings. This would increase the bond between the parents and child, and help in the growth of development of the kids.

How Can You Help Your Child With ADHD or ASD?

Kids who have a secure attachment and healthy bonds with parents are 2 times more intelligent, and their problem-solving skills are excellent and can overcome any tough situations.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Follow a positive attitude and common sense. When you are calm and focused, you are more likely to be able to connect with your child, helping him/her to be calm and focused as well.

Keep Things In Perspective

Most of the activities done by them are not intentional. Hold on to your sense of humor.

Believe In Your Child

Give your child enough space to learn, change, mature, and succeed. Be positive towards their development and reaffirm them on a daily basis.

Use Their Energy

Children with ADHD often have more energy and are often hyperactive. Organized sports and other physical activities will get their energy out and help them pay attention on specific movements and skills.

Help Your Child Eat Right

Having a healthy balanced meal that includes your child’s favourite fruit/vegetable will help decrease the symptoms of ADHD. Avoid eating junk foods.

You can help your child with ADHD/ASD by becoming a better listener. Speak gently and honestly about their challenges and suggest to them on how to make these changes. Feel free to contact us for treatment/consultation.

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