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Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Say Goodbye To Sciatica!

Sciatica is a nerve that starts from the lower back and goes up to the feet, and it is one of the longest nerves in our body.

Sciatica is a nerve that starts from the lower back and goes up to the feet, and it is one of the longest nerves in our body. Its function is to maintain proper contact with the spine and the feet during physical movements. Sciatica causes a high-intensity shock-like pain in the legs and it will be very difficult to walk or move during sleep.

This occurs to women during their periods, when they lift heavy weights, who stand and cook for a long time, etc. It also occurs in men who drive two-wheelers for a long time, or who smoke and drink.

In modern medicine, this is treated with physiotherapy and pain relief medicines that do not give a permanent cure. At Shree Varma Ayurveda, the medicines given are completely herbal and have been government-approved. These medicines are prepared under the supervision of a doctor and do not possess any side effects. These medicines act by reducing the pressure developed at the lower back and strengthens the nerves.

5 Treatments To Say Goodbye To Sciatica

  • Kati vasti
  • Laepam
  • Enema therapy
  • Kashayam
  • Mamsa navara kizhi

Kati vasti

A bridge is formed between the lumbar region and the starting region of the sciatic nerve. This bridge is created using urad flour and wheat flour in a circular shape. The medicinal oils are slightly heated and filled inside this bridge. After 5 minutes, the oil is removed using cotton, and once again heated and poured inside the bridge. This is carried on for 30-45 minutes depending upon the intensity of the pain. By doing this regularly for 1-2 weeks, the pain is reduced by 50% to 75%.


Herbal leaves are sautéed with medicinal oils. It is grinded into a paste which is further heated. This paste is applied on the pain area like a pack and covered with banana leaves. This absorbs the pain around the lower back and the butt region and provides relief to the person.

Enema Therapy

The oil or a kashayam is applied inside the rectum. The oil type consists of a base castor oil (vilakkennai) mixed with medicinal herbs (50 to 70 ml in quantity) and slightly heated. This is given to the patient by enema therapy method.


This kashayam is mixed with honey, milk, castor oil, dill (sathakuppai) and pink rock salt (induppu), and slightly heated. About half a litre is given to the patient as enema. On continuous treatment for 1 week, the pain in the muscles is greatly reduced.

Mamsa Navara kizhi

When the condition is fatal – milk, rice, herbs and green grams (pachai payaru) are mixed together and given. Also, in a few cases, the above ingredients along with lamb meat and bones are given. These are tied inside a cloth and then massaged over the pain area for a certain time depending upon the characteristics of the condition.

These are the five treatments that are given for curing sciatica at the Shree Varma Ayurveda clinic. This treatment prevents sciatica from causing another serious condition called muscle wasting. These are localized therapies that are concentrated on the path of the sciatic nerve. Medicinal oils are applied externally starting from the lower back up to the legs and massaged gently. As these medicines have no side effects, this can be the best chance to cure sciatica step by step and help you have a pain-free life.

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