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Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Make Your Discogenic Problems To discGO Away.

Disc prolapse is a common hip problem nowadays, common for men and women.

Disc prolapse is a common hip problem nowadays, common for men and women. Studies show that around 40 out of 100 people have hip-related problems mainly membrane dislocation. But people do not pay enough attention to this and hence it becomes a serious condition such as nervous disorder or even a stroke. The common problem which occurs due to hip pain is called disc prolapse.


  • Causes very high pain when waking up in the morning.
  • Causes pain while going for a walk.
  • Causes cramps in our legs making it difficult for us to move.

Reason For Disc Prolapse

There is a region called the lumbar region in our back that undergoes pressure when we do physical activities such as bending down or lifting heavy objects, etc. Naturally, there is a high chance of membrane dislocation in this region. This membrane dislocation is called disc prolapse. Pain starts from the lumbar region and slowly moves to the legs and even causes cramps.

In modern medicine, the immediate response to this condition is surgery. The dislocated membrane is removed by surgery and replaced with a clip which is said to reduce the pain. The majority of these surgeries result in failure. The reason for this is because there is a lot of destruction after the surgery is finished. When we fail to do so, this results in the damage of the clip, and hence another surgery would be needed.

At Shree Varma, we follow an object of surgery, less treatment, and a permanent solution. The first method includes internal medicines that are completely herbal and do not possess any side effects. These medicines are approved by the government and are made under the supervision of a doctor.

5 Treatments To Say Goodbye To Sciatica

  • Kati vasti
  • Laepam
  • Enema therapy
  • Kashayam
  • Mamsa navara kizhi

Kati vasti

A bridge is formed between the lumbar region and the starting region of the sciatic nerve. This bridge is created using urad flour and wheat flour in a circular shape. The medicinal oils are slightly heated and filled inside this bridge. After 5 minutes, the oil is removed using cotton, and once again heated and poured inside the bridge. This is carried on for 30-45 minutes depending upon the intensity of the pain. By doing this regularly for 1-2 weeks, the pain is reduced by 50% to 75%.


Herbal leaves are sautéed with medicinal oils. It is grinded into a paste which is further heated. This paste is applied on the pain area like a pack and covered with banana leaves. This absorbs the pain around the lower back and the butt region and provides relief to the person.

Enema Therapy

The oil or a kashayam is applied inside the rectum. The oil type consists of a base castor oil (vilakkennai) mixed with medicinal herbs (50 to 70 ml in quantity) and slightly heated. This is given to the patient by enema therapy method.


This kashayam is mixed with honey, milk, castor oil, dill (sathakuppai) and pink rock salt (induppu), and slightly heated. About half a litre is given to the patient as enema. On continuous treatment for 1 week, the pain in the muscles is greatly reduced.

Mamsa Navara kizhi

When the condition is fatal – milk, rice, herbs and green grams (pachai payaru) are mixed together and given. Also, in a few cases, the above ingredients along with lamb meat and bones are given. These are tied inside a cloth and then massaged over the pain area for a certain time depending upon the characteristics of the condition.

Benefits Of These Treatments

  • The 5th treatment prevents disc prolapse from causing another serious condition called muscle wasting.
  • The first two treatments are used to reduce the muscle contractions, and the second two treatments are used to decrease the pressure on the muscles and increase the strength of the nerves.
  • The final treatment is given for muscle rejuvenation.
  • At the end of all these treatments, disc prolapse is completely cured.

After this, all necessary exercises are given to the patients. Each patient is given a personalized exercise based on their lifestyle, age, and other factors. On doing these exercises as advised, one can see that the effects of disc prolapse have completely disappeared. They are also given a personalised diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent this condition from occurring again.

At Shree Varma, we follow an objective of surgery-less treatment and permanent solutions. Our doctors pay attention to each patient that visits our centre and keeps making changes to their plans based on their progress every day. If the said plan is followed regularly, the membrane dislocation and disc prolapse conditions can be cured completely as well as prevented for the rest of the lifetime.

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