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Mental Stress

Mental Stress

Winter Jasmine (Jaati Maala) Solves Health Issues

Discover some ways to use Winter Jasmine (Jaati Maala) for health benefits.

Discover some ways to use Winter Jasmine (Jaati Maala) for health benefits.

Flowers are known to be a part of the fragrance and beauty world. However, Winter Jasmine (Jaati Maala) is known to reduce some health issues. This white flower is known to cure many problems like skin conditions, reduce dullness of the face, cure constipation problems, pain while urinating, etc. You could also use this as a medicine for people suffering from ulcer.

Herbal Recipe

  • Take 20 flowers of Winter Jasmine (Jathi malli).
  • Add in 1 glass of water and boil.
  • Filter the water and cool it down to gargle.

What Can ‘Winter Jasmine’ Do To The Body?

  • For skin problems like dermatitis, you could take some Winter Jasmine flowers and grind it to apply on the affected area. You also can take a leaf of the Winter Jasmine plant, grind it and consume directly.
  • For women, or girls with leucorrhoea (whitish, yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge), take 20 flowers of Winter Jasmine & equal amount of bananas to make a paste.
  • For women with pain and irritation in anus, take the paste of Winter Jasmine and mix in hot water to drink every morning.
  • Incase of bad odour from the body, take the paste of Winter Jasmine and apply the mixture on your body. It will reduce the bad smell produced from our body.

Employ these ways to make the best use of Winter Jasmine (Jaati Maala).

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