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Use Nithya Kalyani For Treatment Of Cancer

Get a brief idea of what Rosy periwinkle (Nithya Kalyani) can do to help cure cancer.

Get a brief idea of what Rosy periwinkle (Nithya Kalyani) can do to help cure cancer.

Rosy periwinkle (Nithya Kalyani) is an evergreen herb that has made heads turn to India. This plant is known for its healing nature and its magical properties are known to have an enormous impact on cancer. It is not only used for cancer treatment but also for treatments related to glands secretion in our body.

Herbal Recipe

  • Take 3 branches of Nithya Kalyani and cut them into small pieces.
  • Grind them with 50 ml of water.
  • Filter and drink 30 ml of dark green decoction.

Ideal Time To Consume

Take one spoon of decoction before breakfast and dinner every day.

What Can ‘Nithya Kalyani’ Do To The Body?

  • Cancer treatment – After being treated for cancer, 30% of patients have the possibility of not being fully recovered. Nithya Kalyani helps ensure full recovery after treatment. Boil the roots in 1 litre of water and you can have 300 ml everyday.
  • Avoids uterine fibroids.
  • Diabetes problems are reduced and resolved. If the Nithya Kalyani paste is taken before food (three times) daily, then one need not worry about the side effects.
  • Avoids Adenomyosis.
  • Avoids Liver Cirrhosis.

Recommendation! You can also take a few leaves of the plant and grind them into a smooth paste and consume the paste in small quantities before breakfast and dinner. For consultations and treatments, feel free to contact us.

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