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Benefits of Tulsi For Daily Use

Explore some ways you can use Tulsi for various throat and nasal problems.

Explore some ways you can use Tulsi for various throat and nasal problems.

In olden times, dried leaves of tulsi were used as a thread to light lamps that kill the bacteria in the air. This herb is very effective to cure many problems like thyroid, fatigue, infantile diarrhea in kids, infections in upper respiratory organs, Allergic Sinusitis, Asthma, Tonsillitis, Adenoids in kids, snoring, etc.

This herbal plant can also cure adenoids without surgery, solve vocal cord problems, etc.

Herbal Recipe

  • Blend tulsi in a mixer with little water.
  • Extract the juice.

You can also

  • Store tulsi or use it as dry powder.
  • Mix a little water.
  • Make small balls.

For people who can’t drink the juice, you can swallow the small balls with water.

Ideal Way To Consume

Kids can have 5 ml of the extract while adults can have a minimum of 30ml to a maximum of 60ml.

Tonsillitis And Adenoids Issues In Kids

  • Take 10 ml of the extract.
  • Heat a little and mix honey.

Ideal Time To Drink

Drink it before breakfast and dinner.

Asthma and Snoring Problems

Drink 50 ml of the extract with honey before breakfast and dinner. It will improve overall health and also build stamina for kids.

Tulsi is considered to be a convulsant while it is a very therapeutic influence and helps in restoring and repairing vocal and nasal problems quite visibly. Feel free to contact us for consultation on any health problems.

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