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Weight loss

Use Dog Mustard Plant (Nayee Kaduku) For Good Health Benefits

Use this mustard plant look-like to overcome various diseases and conditions.

Use this mustard plant look-like to overcome various diseases and conditions.

Dog mustard is a small plant from the Mustard family. This is usually native to Europe and Asia and has its own versions around the world.

Be it ulcer, over bleeding, asthma, lung disease, reduction of belly fat or other accumulated fats – you can reduce or remove them completely by consuming its solution. Simply grind the leaves of the plant, boil it to 100ml of water and filter the liquid. Have it twice a day to see benefits.

In Siddha, we take the leaves and run them through water. We then take it in a cloth and inject this mixture inside the nose which helps us to get rid of nasal problems.

Prostate Enlargement

Prostate enlargement is a common problem in men where the sensation to urinate is quite often but there is no urine as such. This problem is quite similar for women too. To reduce this, a dog mustard plant is very useful.

Take the leaves of the plant and run them through water. Then, take it in a cloth and filter the liquid. Both men and women can take 25 ml of the solution in the morning and evening.

Do not let such problems take a toll in your life. Any problem can be solved by adapting to natural methods available in Siddha, Ayurveda and other natural systems.

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