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Weight loss

Weight loss

Lose Body Weight Problems With This Elixir (Including Diabetes)

Dr. Gowthaman shares a secret recipe that you can use for healthy weight loss.

Dr. Gowthaman shares a secret recipe that you can use for healthy weight loss.

Losing body weight can be quite a challenge. It is quite dangerous to be overweight or have unhealthy fat in the body that causes unevenness as well. This invites problems like Heart diseases, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Varicose veins, Uterus problems, and so on.

Herbal Recipe

  • Add 5 grams of green gram powder (Pachai Payaru Chooranam).
  • Add 5 grams of popped rice (Nel Pori).
  • Add 5 grams of ebony tree chooranam (Acacia Catechu).
  • Boil with 300 ml of water and reduce to 100ml.
  • Strain the liquid and use it as medicine.


Abnormal body weight can cause problems like increase the level of diabetes, increase blood sugar level, affect the condition of diabetes, etc. An enormous amount of effort goes into reducing body weight and can sometimes have more negative effects than positive ones. For such people, this kashayam is prescribed.

What Can This Herbal Recipe Do To The Body?

  • Helps reduce belly fat.
  • Helps children with obese body type.
  • Reduces prolonged diabetes.
  • Remove unwanted fat.
  • Helps to lose body weight.
  • Helps reduce the diabetes level.
  • Helps lower the fatigue in the body.

Ideal Time To Drink

Consume the strained liquid for 100 days.

For People With Diabetes – Uneven Body Weight

There are varieties of diabetes caused by water level (Kabam), body heat (Pitham), air and space in the body (Vaadham). All of these are combined with uneven body weight and cause more serious issues.

Ideal Time To Drink

Having the herbal recipe before an hour of having breakfast, lunch and dinner will help control diabetes consistently.

This elixir helps in controlling both body weight and diabetes. Ultimately, this helps reduce the level of insulin for diabetes patients. This herbal recipe should be considered as food and not just medicine that helps in curing prolonged diabetes, increased uneven body weight, and make us live healthy throughout the lifetime.

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