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Prepare This Elixir For Your Body – Kayakalpa Chooranam.

Check out the herbal recipe useful for various body and mind problems.

Check out the herbal recipe useful for various body and mind problems.

The principles of Ayurvedic medicine focuses on balancing different types of energy within your body, which is said to improve health. Let’s learn about  Rasayana Chooranam or Kayakalpa Chooranam.

This has proved to help women with thyroid problems, iron deficiency, infertility problems while it also cures severe heart diseases, cancer, depression and anxiety, spinal cord problems.

Herbal Recipe – Kayakalpa Choornam

  • Add 2 grams of kalpang (Ashwgandha).
  • Add 2 grams of cashew.
  • Add 2 grams of almonds.
  • Boil them with 100 ml of milk and 20 ml of water, reduce it to 100 ml.

Ideal Time To Drink

Consume this herbal drink in the morning and night on an empty stomach for 3 months.

By consuming this nutritious juice, all the diseases get reduced or cured and the body remains healthy.

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