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Men Infertility

Men Infertility

Poonaikali Vidhai and Its Benefits For Fertility In Men

Learn about the benefits and ways to use this medicine – Poonaikali Vidhai.

Learn about the benefits and ways to use this medicine – Poonaikali Vidhai.

Poonaikali Vidhai is a medicine that strengthens the body and helps treat sex and nerve related problems including Parkinson disease.

Herbal Recipe

  • Take 50 ml of water.
  • Add 100ml of milk to it.
  • Add 5 grams of Poonaikali seed choornam.
  • Stir well till it boils and becomes thick.

Ideal Way To Consume

Add one spoon of honey.

This kashayam is used to treat reproductive related problems and reduces the chance of fertility (getting pregnant).

Poonaikali Milk As Food

Change food habits. Drink the kashayam and avoid taking tea or coffee as an alternative.

Attention! Do not be addicted to watching porn and masturbating often as it reduces the fertility rate and leads to problems such as less sperm count, motility of the sperm, etc.

Poonaikali Vidhai To Conceive Naturally

In Ayurveda treatment of Vajikarana, Poonaikali Vidhai is given to the patients. Taking 40ml in the morning before food and 40ml at night before going to sleep will help in reducing the problem. Follow this for 3 months.

Poonaikaali Seed Milk

Poonaikaali seed milk treats nerve problems including Parkinson’s disease (inability to perform basic body movement). To cure Parkinson’s disease syndrome, consume poonaikali seed milk for 3 months as food and not medicine.

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