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Asthma & Respiratory Diseases

Asthma & Respiratory Diseases

Inhale Nochi To Cure Asthma, Frozen Shoulder & Migraine

Dr. Gowthaman shares the various health benefits of using the Nochi plant.

Dr. Gowthaman shares the various health benefits of using the Nochi plant.

We are learning about the Nochi plant which gives us lifelong healthiness. The medicinal values in the food we intake, the reason behind why we mix various herbs in our food, the benefits we get from doing so and how these herbs help us in leading a healthy lifestyle – are quite endless but we will get a grasp on what you can do with this plant to avoid problems like asthma, migraine and frozen shoulder.

Wonders Of Nochi plant

  • Used as cattle feed.
  • Mixed with turmeric and given to cows to increase their milk secretion.
  • Leaves are burnt and the smoke from it is used to get rid of the mosquitoes in our surroundings.
  • The entire plant of nochi has medicinal values including its roots, stems and leaves.
  • Nochi roots are great medicine for lung-related problems.
  • Leaves and flowers have a lot of medicinal value.
  • Nochi has both internal and external medical uses.
  • The leaves can be heated and used to massage.
  • Smoke obtained from burning the leaves can be inhaled.
  • Has medicinal values for all the parts of a body from the head to the feet.
  • Nochi leaves can be grinded and made into a paste that can be used as medicine, and also the leaves can be sautéed with oil and can be used as well.
  • The paste is squeezed and the liquid is extracted out of it which can also be used as a medicine.
  • When taken internally, these medicines are used to treat asthma and other breath-related problems.
  • Taken externally, these medicines are used for body aches, cold, cough,headaches and as well as for allergic sinusitis problems.
  • Nochi leaves are primarily used in treating aches in various parts of our body.

Herbal Recipe

  • Nochi Leaves are taken and cleaned.
  • It is then sautéed with oil at a high flame.
  • Doing so, we must make sure that leaves do not get burnt.
  • The leaves alone are removed and are tied inside a cloth like a bag.
  • This bag is then dipped in the oil in which it was sautéed and then this can be used to massage the region which is aching.

The above preparation method is followed and it is massaged on the joints for about an hour. This greatly reduces the pain formed in the joints and gives a great sense of relief. The oil from the above preparation method is applied on the heel gently and then massaged with the leaf bag for around 1 hour once in the morning and evening. One can see the pain decreasing gradually and getting completely cured within one month.

What Can This Treatment Do To The Body?

Great alternative for pain killer tablets.

In case of a headache, the oil can be inhaled that will secrete all the bad water from the head and cure the headache within half an hour.

The paste and the extract of the leaves can be used to treat stomach-related problems.

Cures joint pain in shoulders, necks, elbows, knees, etc. in elders.

Cures heel pain which is common in women.

Cures frozen shoulders.

These ailments can be so severe that they couldn’t even be able to stand up on their feet. One of the best remedies for this condition is the leaf bag made of nochi leaves

Common Threat – Allergies Sinusitis

Another problem prevalent among people is allergic sinusitis. They get their nose blocked quickly when they sit under a fan or an air conditioner. This can be cured of the liquid extract obtained from the paste made out of the nochi leaves.

Nochi Extract For Sinusitis

Cotton is dipped inside the extract and kept near the nose hole and inhaled.

This spreads into the sinus glands and causes the wastes present inside the nasal cavity to excrete. By following this practise for 2-3 weeks, all kinds of sinus-related problems can be cured.

Migraine Headache

Headache on a single side is quite common among women. They often tend to take painkillers to reduce the headache which only provides temporary relief. The effect of the headache keeps increasing when it is not treated properly. It can grow uncontrollably and result in Bell’s palsy (mughavaatham) or trigeminal neuralgia, a condition that causes facial nerves to fail. The best medicine to cure this is the liquid extract from the nochi leaves.


Exactly 4 drops of the extract are inhaled on either side of the nasal cavity only once in the morning. Follow this for 48 days.

As we have seen the importance and many ways to make use of the nochi plant, it is evident that such common diseases and allergies can be cured simply at home. It is simple, effective, inexpensive, non-invasive, and without any side effects. We can give it a shot instead of opting for much more expensive and invasive options.

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