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Herbal Recipe For Dizziness!

Solves problems like Vertigo by using a simple homemade remedy.

Solves problems like Vertigo by using a simple homemade remedy.

Vertigo is a problem in the spine that starts to manifest dizziness or giddiness. You might feel dizzy when you are just getting up or laying down and may experience pain in the neck and shoulders.

Herbal Recipe

  • Add 20 grams of shatavari dried root (thaneer vittan kilangu).
  • Add 20 grams of country mallow dried root (kurunthotti ver).
  • Add dried grapes.
  • Boil them with 300 ml water.
  • Strain it and drink!

Ideal Time To Drink

Take 100ml in the morning, afternoon and night on an empty stomach.

What Can This Herbal Recipe Do To The Body?

  • Cervical spondylitis can be cured.
  • Radiating pain from neck to hands is cured.
  • Strengthen the bones and muscles.
  • White discharge in females can be cured.

Instead of considering it as a medicine, consider it as food and consume. Watch the wonders it can do to your body. You can drink it like tea or even as first aid.

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