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Covid19 Prevention

Covid19 Prevention

Co-exist With Corona While Staying Unaffected

Try these herbal concoctions to build immunity amongst the various waves of Coronavirus.

Try these herbal concoctions to build immunity amongst the various waves of Coronavirus.

To get rid of Corona, it is necessary to take good care of ourselves while staying hygienic as well. Though adults and old people are visibly more affected by Corona, do not ignore the fact that kids can be affected as well.

Some Activities To Reduce Chances Of Being Infected

  • Build immunity through natural methods like eating balanced food, and having an active leisure lifestyle.
  • Sanitise every time you visit a place or touch something.
  • Use Siddha, Ayurveda and Ayush medicine to build immunity and treat corona.
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid bad substances as well.
  • Avoid outside food especially non vegetarian food.
  • Avoid standing in crowded places.
  • Stop taking unnecessary medicines/tablets.
  • Don’t take any medicine without doctor consultation or prescription.
  • Keep social distance.

Make sure to drink kabasura kudineer, nilavembu kudineer, and aduthurai kudineer which will help build immunity against the coronavirus. All the three kudineer are easily available in any organic or medical store.

Herbal Recipe

  • Take 300ml of water.
  • Add 5 grams of any kudineer to it.
  • Boil until it is reduced to 50ml.
  • Filter it and add honey/jaggery to it.

Ideal Time To Drink

Kabasara kudineer should be taken before morning food.

Nilavembu kudineer should be taken after breakfast.

Aadadhurai kudineer should be taken at 11am.

In such grave times, it is necessary to stay vigilant and act consciously while we go out or bring things home. Stay home, stay safe. This too shall pass.

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