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Covid19 Prevention

Covid19 Prevention

Can Vitamin-D Help In Fighting Covid?

Many elements indicate the amount of resilience an immune system has. Is Vitamin D one among them?

Many elements indicate the amount of resilience an immune system has. Is Vitamin D one among them?

Compared to the global analysis and data, almost 75% of the people suffering from corona were Vitamin-D deficient. The most common reason for India to recover so well from Coronavirus is said to be because of the good amount of Vitamin D in their body. People who have deficiency in Vitamin D are said to face more complications when infected with Covid. However, it cannot be said that people with sufficient Vitamin D are immune to Covid. It is just that the symptoms are less complicated in nature when compared to those deficient.

There is a common misconception that standing under the sun for about 30 minutes per day is sufficient. However, that’s not the case. Now let’s look at people who might be deficient irrespective of the myth.

  • People with dark skin stone especially from Africa and India don’t get it tested often.
  • Naturally people above the age of 60 tend to lose vitamin D.
  • People who are obese are usually vitamin D deficient.
  • Those who do not take milk and fish as a part of their appetite are usually vitamin D deficient.
  • Those who do not have the opportunity to go out in the sun, and those who put sunscreen lotions on their skin are usually vitamin D deficient.

What Happens If You Are Deficient?

  • Down with some kind of disease, and taking a lot of medicines in order to recover.
  • Getting tired often and being forced to take naps during the day.
  • Experiencing back pain, knee pain and other bone related diseases.
  • If one does get hurt, it takes a longer time to heal.
  • The bones in our body might lose their strength, sometimes leading to osteoporosis.
  • Hair loss.
  • Most of the people with diabetes or high sugar levels are often vitamin D deficient.

Food To Eat To Increase Vitamin D

  • Add fish in the diet.
  • Consumption of egg white, especially Nattu muttai (Country chicken’s egg).
  • Have Fish oil capsules.
  • Have Mushroom & Orange fruit.
  • Have organic desi milk (Pasum paal) and other milk products.

However, be mindful that too much Vitamin D might cause toxicity. The ideal amount of vitamin D in our body is around 70 – 80 units. Excess of this can cause fatigue, vomiting, memory loss, loss of appetite, headaches, kidney failure, stuttering, etc. If a regular individual has an appropriate amount of Vitamin D in their body, it is sufficient for them to lead a healthy life.

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