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Basics Of Kidney & Its Problems

Remove some misconceptions and gain clarity with this brief on kidneys

Remove some misconceptions and gain clarity with this brief on kidneys

We can maintain good health only when the toxicity of the body is flushed out regularly. If waste stays in our body without getting released, the functioning of our body reduces and paves way for many diseases.

Kidney is compared to a RO plant as it works as an intelligent filter that does not disturb the essential requirements of the body. For example, it does not flush out vitamins, minerals, and other enzymes required for the body. When blood is sent to the kidney, it filters the toxins along with some water and sends it out in the form of urine. Sometimes when there are excessive minerals that are not required for the body, there is a problem in the filtration process causing stones to be formed inside the kidneys.

Kidney Stone

Drinking a lot of water and eating plantain stems helps prevent the body from getting kidney stones. Kidney stone happens in both men and women irrespective of age but chances are usually very low in old people because of the changes in their diet and urinary habits.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stone

  • Urgency in passing urine once every one hour.
  • Pain near the hip.
  • Vomiting, fever, burning sensation while urinating.
  • Blood droplets in urine.
  • Pain while standing, sitting, lying, etc.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Indigestion.
  • Tiredness.
  • Leg pain (below hip till feet).

It is a wrong ideology that surgeries alone can cure kidney stones. We have a lot of medicines in Ayurveda that can permanently cure kidney-related diseases without any surgeries.

Urinary Tract Infection

There are many problems related to urinary tract infection due to the passing of frequent or less urine.

  • Infections related to the urinary bladder.
  • Creates problems related to blood pressure.
  • Affects eyes.
  • Causes dizziness.
  • Causes vomiting.
  • Causes fainting.
  • Causes constipation.

It is very important to get a full body checkup every year to avoid problems related to kidneys. If we change our lifestyle, we can easily cure kidney stones.

Shree Varma Ayurveda Hospital Treatment

  • First phase of treatment involves drinking enough water.
  • Second phase of treatment is the changes in the diet plan. Attention! People with kidney stones should not consume more amounts of lettuce, milk products, cheese, butter, or non-veg which will give rise to kidney stones formation in the future. Follow the Saatvik diet to recover quickly.
  • Third phase of treatment is an important phase, which includes physical and mental exercise.
  • Fourth will be Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment helps in recovery from kidney stones.
  • Fifth will be Ayurveda medicine, it differs from Panchakarma as it directly induces the medicine in urinal glands which secretes the kidney stones out of the body. This is known as Uttara Vasti.

Puncture vine (Nerinjil) also referred to as Gokshura, Large Caltrops (Yaanai Nerinjil) – Gaja Gokshura, Veera tharu wood bark are considered to be excellent medicines for kidney stone problems.

Ayurvedic medicine not only reduces the effects of kidney stones but also helps them break into powder and excrete it from the body. In the Shree Varma Ayurveda clinic, we not only treat kidney problems but also treat the whole urine excretion system. You can visit the hospital anytime, any day.

Whenever you visit us, do remember to bring all the medical documents of the patient. Based on the documents and body condition – food, exercise, medicine, treatment will be planned by the best doctors of our hospital.

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