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Use Hair Mask From Shree Varma To Prevent HairFall

Dr. Gowthaman shares amazing hair masks to avoid huge hair fall problems at Shree Varma.

Dr. Gowthaman shares amazing hair masks to avoid huge hair fall problems at Shree Varma.

As we know hair masks are an effective treatment against hair fall. In this, you can use herbal leaves that are made into a smooth paste and applied to hair. This stimulates hair growth rapidly when repeated up to 40 – 60 days. When you undertake this treatment, problems like the ones mentioned below can be solved within 60 days.

  • Hair Fall from roots.
  • Hair Breakage
  • Less dense hair

Treatment at Shree Varma

When you get your treatment from Shree Varma, a blood test is taken initially after which the reason behind the problem is diagnosed. 

Step 1 – Treatment for finding the reason for hair fall.

Step 2 – Hair masks are suggested to stimulate hair growth fast from the roots.

Step 3 – Effective medicines are prescribed.

Step 4 – Exercises and breathing techniques.

Step 5 – A healthy food chart is curated for patients. The quantity of rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables to be consumed are mentioned on the food chart.

Leafy green vegetables, specifically murungai keerai (drumstick leaves) contain all minerals and vitamins which are also found in meats. The huge difference between meat and murungai keerai is that no cholesterol is present in keerai.

Pickles and vinegar-rich foods must be avoided for good hair growth. Shree Varma finds the reason and then provides a solution without any side effects. If you had 30-20 strands of hair falling before the treatment, it would only be 3-4 strands after a month of treatment. There will also be a difference in the density of your hair before and after treatment. Also, the percentage of hair growth will be high. Feel free to contact us!

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