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Pediatric Tonsillitis – Children’s Health

Get some guidance from Dr. Gowthaman on how to deal with Tonsillitis (throat disease) in children.

Get some guidance from Dr. Gowthaman on how to deal with Tonsillitis (throat disease) in children.

Ayurvedic doctor Dr.K.Gowthaman explains some reasons why tonsillitis happens in children.

Common Cause of Pediatric Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils in the inner throat which can happen if the child is prone to fever or throat pain. It can either be a viral or bacterial infection. One type of  tonsillitis is due to the growth of muscle in the throat and the other is due to muscle growth in the nose.

Usually, if a child has tonsillitis, he/she may not be able to talk comfortably as there would be repeated coughing. This situation can also arise if children have some problem with their upper lungs. For some, it might be due to low immunity. In such situations, avoid consuming oily food and packed & cold drinks and beverages.


If the voice of the child (male or female) sounds different and quite abnormal, it could be due to puberphonia where the voice of a male child sounds feminine and the voice of a female sounds manly. This could be due to thyroid or any other reasons adding up to this problem.

One of the other problems could be that when there is pressure in the stomach, the organs reverberate to produce such a voice. For such problems, please feel free to visit us at our

Kodambakkam Sri Ayurveda hospital in Chennai.

For Children With Sinus/Sneezing/Breathing Problem

Try to follow the Nisiyam treatment. You could also try this home-remedy.

  • Take Chiretta (Nilavembu) – 2 grams
  • Take Dried Ginger (Sukku) – 2 grams
  • Take Black Pepper (Melagu) – 2 grams
  • Take Long Pepper (Thipili) – 2 grams
  • Boil them with 300 ml water.

Ideal Time To Drink

You can consume this every morning and evening. This solution will not only increase immunity but also help you feel a change in throat and cold.

Immunity & Following Our Cultural Practices

The root cause of most of the diseases is because we have de-tracked from our cultural immunity practices. As simple as using natural toothpaste, taking a hot steam bath, eating hot home-made food, washing hands often is not a regular practice anymore.

Most of the problems arise as most of the children have a comparatively weaker immunity system. So, for problems like tonsillitis, doing surgery doesn’t solve the problem. Instead performing some breathing, yoga, and taking some immunity-augmented food can eventually help us overcome these kinds of diseases.

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