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Overcoming The Real Addiction To Bad Substance

Are you trying to detox the addiction of bad substances? This is for you.

Are you trying to detox the addiction of bad substances? This is for you.

The addiction to bad substances like alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and drugs has been visibly real since ancient times. Often when confronted, people justify different reasons for addiction such as work pressure, body pain, mental trauma, excess or no money, and so on.

While men were already in the list, women in recent times have also been addicted to bad substances equally. Addiction of any type is a mental illness.

The more you get addicted to bad substances, the more you tend to move away from people, society and family. Most of the people say that they consume due to peer pressure or societal stress. However, it is high time now that you take steps to get rid of bad substance addiction in order to be truly accepted by your own body and mind. Solution for bad substance addiction is Medicinal drink (Mooligai theneer)

Herbal Recipe

  • Take 5 grams of dry grapes (ularntha thratchai).
  • Take 5 grams of dried ginger (sukku).
  • Take 5 grams of root cinnamon powder (verpattai chooranam/pushkara moolai).
  • Take 5 grams of heart-leaved monsoon powder (seenthil kodi).
  • Take 5 grams of sickle senna (thagarai powder).
  • Boil them in 300 ml of water and reduce it to a 50 ml solution.
  • Filter and drink.

Ideal Time To Drink

Have it once in the morning and night before food.

If you regularly follow this for 6 months, it will reduce or remove the addiction for bad substances like alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and cigarettes.

We all make mistakes in the past but it is time to learn from the present. Once you begin to learn to live your life without any addiction, you will no longer feel the requirement for it in your life. Take control. You are in charge. You deserve an addiction-free life.

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