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Liver Health

Liver Health

Let’s Do Liver Cleansing Once A While

If there is an organ that can regenerate itself – that’s the Liver. This is a gift of nature indeed.

If there is an organ that can regenerate itself – that’s the Liver. This is a gift of nature indeed. Even if the liver is affected by some disease, it is bound to regenerate and repair itself.

However, consumption of bad substances like alcohol, smoking, drugs, and unadulterated food can affect the liver on a long-term basis. In modern science, there are many medicines curated to treat blood pressure, blood clotting as it takes a toll on the liver.

Eating a lot of fried foods, not drinking sufficient water required for the body, and no proper sleep can affect the liver of a 25-year-old person as well. These activities on a long-term basis can lead to fatty liver disorder, fatty liver deposits, fatty degeneration in the liver, etc.

Cleanse Your Liver Occasionally – Herbal Recipe

Visit a Siddha store nearby and buy Kutki (Kadugurohi Chooranam)/Picrorhiza-kurroa (Peetha Rohini). This is usually yellow in colour and helps remove bile (pittam) in the liver.

Herbal Recipe

  • 3 grams of Kutki (Kadugurohi Chooranam)/Picrorhiza-kurroa (Peetha Rohini).
  • Boil it with 100ml of warm water.

Ideal Time To Drink

Drink the herbal drink before going to bed, every 48 days. After 48 days, your liver is more likely to be cleansed.

Attention! Don’t take more than 3 grams of Kutki (Kadugurohi Chooranam)/Picrorhiza-kurroa (Peetha Rohini) as it can instigate diarrhea.

People with healthy liver do not need to adapt to specific methods/diets to cleanse. However, there is no harm in cleansing. Eating a simple balanced whole food, and avoiding bad substances should help preserve liver health.

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