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Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Knee Pain With Bone Depreciation Treatment At Shree Varma

If you have knee pain, check out the symptoms and take the next step at the earliest!

If you have knee pain, check out the symptoms and take the next step at the earliest!

Our body indicates when the knee bone is losing its functionality slowly and it’s necessary to take treatments for this problem. If we take proper treatments for this, then there is no need for knee transplant surgery. If you find any of the symptoms, please do visit the Shree Varma Ayurveda clinic for consultation and treatment. As soon as you come, we will try to find the level of bone depreciation/atrophy, first. We will also find out the causes for this problem, and then provide a suitable treatment plan with respect to the problem.


  • Sounds in the knee bone. This happens because of the reduction in the oil of the knee bone. When oil content reduces in the knee, you can see the friction increasing. Because of this, the position of the knee bone will move up and down for only 0.1mm out of 1000 but this will reduce the oil content and the cartilage gets affected.
  • While we sit down and get up, pain occurs which means the cartilage has been reduced to a certain amount.
  • While we sit or walk, the pain occurs which means the space between two knees is reduced drastically and the cartilage is also reduced. These symptoms indicate that it is necessary to take treatments for this problem at this stage.
  • Knee stiffness that occurs while walking tends us to walk in a criss-cross way (duck walk).

Once you come to the Shree Varma Ayurveda clinic, we will give you medicine that doesn’t involve any side effects. Body cleanse, body strength and the treatments that can be done externally will also be given. Food diet chart and other necessary exercises/yoga asanas according to your age and capability of your body will be given for a duration of 10-15mins.

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