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Is Only Surgery Enough To Remove Hernia?

An important practical underestimated aspect of hernia is discussed by Dr. Gowthaman.

An important practical underestimated aspect of hernia is discussed by Dr. Gowthaman.

A hernia is a spot when a particular organ or fatty tissue squeezes itself through a weak spot. Some types of hernia are in the inner groin, resulting from an incision, present in the outer groin, belly button, in the upper stomach, and so on.


If an individual is overweight and has a hernia, it is necessary to maintain a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle in order to have a natural approach to resolving the problem. Surgery is not always the solution. Even after a hernia, you can often observe problems in the body such as pain when bending over, gastric problems, constipation, etc. This can be reduced by regular exercise, weight loss, and changes in food and lifestyle habits.

Hernia is a lifestyle disease that is also quite prevalent among people who lift heavy objects or who take long-distance walks regularly. Also once any kind of surgery is done, stitches are done outside to join the muscles. So, these muscles are not as strong as normal muscles. When this muscle is not strong enough, it can’t withstand the pressure inside the stomach – so a hernia is caused.

Although surgery is mostly performed for the cure of hernia, it is not the only way of treating a hernia. Feel free to contact us for Ayurvedic treatment.

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