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Golden Recipe To Manage Sugar Levels

Are you looking for solutions to cure Diabetes without any side-effects?

Are you looking for solutions to cure Diabetes without any side-effects? Use this simple golden recipe and make tweaks to minimize sugar levels and have a healthy diabetic-free life.

If you are diabetic or any of your loved ones are diabetic, don’t be scared anymore. This disease can be managed efficiently if you are more aware. Control these day-to-day factors with herbs like amla and turmeric.

What Can Amla (Indian Gooseberry) & Turmeric Do To The Body?

  • Reduces diabetes blood pressure.
  • Reduces side effects of diabetes like eye problems, kidney problems, problems in the nerves, etc.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol, and safeguards the muscles of the heart.
  • Reduces mental pressure.
  • Reduces the effect of burning feet.
  • Helps prevent cancer and allergies.

Golden Recipe

  • Take a full sized amla and some turmeric.
  • Cut the amla into small pieces and remove the seed.
  • Grind the small pieces of amla while adding some water to it.
  • Transfer the juice to a bowl.
  • Take the amla juice alone.
  • Mix with half teaspoon of turmeric.

This is the simple ‘Golden recipe’.

Ideal Time To Drink

Consume the golden recipe either in the morning with an empty stomach or in the night before going to bed with an empty stomach.

Dr. Gowthaman shares, ‘In Ayurveda, cure for diabetes is not about giving right medicines to reduce diabetes but it is about giving medicines to improve working of pancreas and to strengthen it. This is the biggest difference between Ayurveda and modern medicine while approaching diabetes.’

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