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Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Get Rid Of Heart Problems

Some precautions and suggestions given by Dr. Gowthaman for people suffering from heart conditions and diseases.

Some precautions and suggestions given by Dr. Gowthaman for people suffering from heart conditions and diseases.

Diseases related to the heart are often very dangerous. Ayurveda Sushruta Samithi book explains the problems occuring in heart tissues which protect the heart and anatomy of the heart.

Reasons For Heart Problems

  • Inadequate sleeping pattern.
  • Overeating.
  • Skipping meals or performing intermittent fasting.
  • Having food just before sex.
  • Regular sex. (applies to both male or female)
  • Eating junk food or non-vegetarian food often.
  • Depression.

Steps To Take

  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Practice yoga/exercise for 30 minutes daily.
  • Bring healthy changes in your food habits.
  • Eat a lot of raw vegetables and green vegetables.
  • Drink more water.
  • Avoid starch-rich food.

Root causes of most heart problems are identified as vatham, pitham, kapham, sunny padam and krimi. Each type is given different types of treatment based on the symptoms and the root cause of the disease, in Ayurveda.

General Treatment

  • First, Siddha medicines that strengthen the blood vessels of the heart are given to the patient.
  • Second, breathing exercises will be taught that helps reduce breathing problems.
  • Third, a proper food diet that excludes high amounts of salt, spices, sour, curd and fatty foods.

By following this, you can see good improvement in the patient’s body. Even after doing Bypass Surgery, patients will recover quickly and feel comfortable.

The major difference between modern medicine and Ayurveda is that modern medicine is quantitative whereas Ayurveda is based on three factors namely vatam, pitam, kapam. Liquid treatment at Shree Varma improves the health of the heart and cures problems related to the heart. Feel free to contact us for consultation and treatments.

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