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Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Get A Better Understanding Of Fertilization

Understanding the basics and working of fertilization.

Understanding the basics and working of fertilization.

In scientific terms, Fertilization is said to be the union of a sperm nucleus where the sperm of a male penetrates into the female’s egg nucleus. Generally, when an egg and the sperm meet, it leads to fertilization and it forms a fetus (child). When it doesn’t meet, there might be a problem.

The fetus (child) is being carried in the uterus, an important part in a woman’s body. The health of the uterus decides the future of the baby. But for the fetus to form, the sperm should reach the egg, and fertilize inside. It is then a tissue is formed in the uterus that holds the egg and attaches itself in order to grow inside the uterus.

The lifespan of an egg nucleus is usually for 2 days. The fertile sperm penetrates into it. However, the fertile sperm is decided by the count of sperm, the quality and health aspect of the sperm, and how many can swim through and penetrate.

If there are some abnormalities in conceiving, the Ayurvedic treatment requires the husband and wife to cleanse their bodies before taking the treatment. They have to then cleanse their minds. Treatment takes place based on observation and diagnosis. However, it is necessary that the husband and wife must be mentally happy and have good intimacy to come out from all these issues.

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