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Beat Thyroid with Ayurveda, Personalized Yoga and Diet

Dr Gowthaman, talks about Hypothyroidism, its causes, signs, symptoms according to Ayurveda and how pancha karma therapies help in complete healing of thyroid disorders, using personalised yoga and diet

Thyroid is a common disorder, especially amongst women. In this video, Dr. Gowthaman explains  what is Hypothyroidism, what are the causes, signs and symptoms according to Ayurveda. He also speaks about the complications of Thyroid disorders and why modern Thyroid supplement therapies can’t prevent the complications and how  Ayurveda pancha karma therapies help in healing Thyroid disorders, including the vital role that personalised yoga and diet plays vital role in complete healing of Thyroid disorders.

Understanding Hyperthyroidism – In a Nutshell

Overview, Symptoms and Causes
Thyroid disorder or Hyperthyroidism is a condition by which the thyroid glands produce more hormones than required; possibly resulting from a person’s genetic or hereditary make-up.

Common symptoms of Hyperthyroidism may include, the following:

. Appetite changes, or a steep increase or decrease in hunger
. Frequent bowel movement or diarrhea
. Nervousness, irregular heartbeat, or trembling hands
. Heat sensitivity or intolerance
. Difficulty in concentrating
. Anxiety, irritability, fatigue, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction
. Insomnia, perhaps rapid weight loss
. Scanty or irregular menstrual cycle
. Excessive sweating

Hyperthyroidism has several reasons that cause it to develop, viz.: Ruksha Annapana, or the intake of drying food and drink; Langhana, or extensive fasting; consuming insufficient food; overpowering natural urges; insufficient sleep; emotions like depression, anxiety or anger, advancing age, etc.

Hyperthyroidism and Ayurveda

In Ayurved, Hyperthyroidism is known as Ati Karshya. Hyperthyroidism patients using conventional medicine would generally require constant medication, for possibly a lifetime. Ayurvedic medicines however are shown to have positive results in treating Hyperthyroidism.  

Ayurveda’s pancha karma therapies help in healing Thyroid disorders. The treatment coupled with personalised yoga and diet, plays a vital role in complete healing of Thyroid disorders.

Ayurveda firstly addresses the issue of clearing possible blocks within the body, reinstating equilibrium, and eventually resulting in the optimal performance of the thyroid gland.More specifically, Ayurveda treatment outlined below seeks to harmonise the body’s Pitta and Vata Doshas. General lifestyle suggestions include:

. Panchakarma Therapies: offers relief from Hyperthyroidism and balances body equilibrium
. Personalised Yoga: customised Yoga exercises, pranayama and meditation
. Relaxation: maintaining a regular sleep schedule; avoiding excessive stress and approach to detoxification
. Massages:  warm oil body massages or Abhyangam to stimulate blood flow, to benefit muscles, eliminate toxins and relax muscles; an oil massage prior to bathing; self-massage forms including Abhyangam, Snigdha, or Udwarthanam

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