We all lead busy lifestyles commuting at a hurried pace with rushed lunches between meetings. Add to it, the already sedentary habits that we are forced to adopt to keep up with long working hours.

Following unauthorised quick fix diet tips and short-lived gym memberships are not only harmful to your health, but they have an adverse effect when you suddenly drop out of the schedule.

Another important aspect to be considered here is the use of over-the-counter antibiotic tablets and multivitamin capsules. Its rampant usage is being justified to supplement a poor nutritive intake due to processed foods and refrigerated and reheated meals. These medications affect your liver and kidneys and leave behind a residue.

Another anomaly that nags us is that our snacks and fast food items have a higher presence of fats and carbohydrates, salt and sugar, spices and oils, added flavours and preservatives as we are stressed and yearn for comfort food.

All of these lead to a faster onset of lifestyle diseases resulting in a physically weak and mentally burdened population unable to face the challenges of modem living.

Prevention, cure and rejuvenation

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the scientific principles of addressing the root cause of any ailment. It helps eradicate it fully and not just provide just symptomatic treatment for temporary relief.

Our Prevention methods help:

  • Strengthen your immune system with herbal medications for internal purification.
  • Undergo regular check-ups to arrest any preliminary symptoms and prescribe general health and dietary advice.
  • Integrate anti-ageing medications for sound health with expert counselling.
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Our Cure takes care to:

  • Balance the vata, pitta and kapha to enable your body regain its constitutional balance.
  • Formulate a treatment schedule to flush out the toxins by cleansing with deep-tissue medications.
  • Prescribe lifestyle and dietary changes to ensure the ailment’s cause is eradicated.

Our Rejuvenation therapy is designed to:

  • Bring a deep sense of relaxation and upliftment of mood by massage therapy.
  • Enhance strength, energy, vitality and clarity of thought through meditation.
  • Maintain a good diet and fitness with yoga asanas prescribed at our clinic.
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