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Stomach Digestion Problem

Stomach Digestion Problem

Facing Gastric Problems? Know Why!

Get an understanding of why your body reacts a certain way with frequent gas problems!

Get an understanding of why your body reacts a certain way with frequent gas problems!

Most people do not know the physiological process of digestion, and so there is not enough awareness pertaining to digestive problems. Some common digestive problems are stomach ulcers, mouth ulcers, gastric problems, intestine ulcers, indigestion problems, etc. When people experience this, they take medicine for instant relief but it is not the right way.

Physiology Of Digestion

The digestive system starts from the mouth and ends with anus. Stomach is the most important organ. We are eating different types of foods and these foods stay in our stomach for at least 1 hour. During that time, the food will get digested by the secretion of acid. Our stomach is being protected by several layers but unfortunately, when this layer gets damaged it leads to ulcer.

Symptoms Of Ulcer

  • Stomach pain before and after having food.
  • Pain when you feel hungry.
  • Burning sensation in the stomach.
  • Severe stomach pain.
  • Pain in lower abdomen.
  • Vomiting.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Stomach will be swollen.


If you eat food very late at night, it leads to damage of those valves and it leads to burning sensation in the throat. This problem is called GERD. If you are having this problem, you can’t eat food normally. This causes a burning sensation in the entire food pipe. It would be hard to even drink water. To cure this, you have to change your food habits and workout consistently.

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is another problem due to excess bacterial presence in the intestine, in which the person wants to defecate immediately after the food, or sometimes excretes more than 7 times a day.

Ulcerative Colitis

This affects the inner lining of the large intestine due to loss of blood supply, chronic disease, etc. In modern medicine, it is usually treated by giving steroids. However, in Ayurveda, you can cure this by taking proper treatment under proper guidance and it will be cured completely.

Gall Bladder Stone

If the gallbladder stone becomes severe, it is necessary to do surgery immediately. Beware that in some conditions even the gallbladder also has to be removed. If the gallbladder is removed, proteins, fat will not be digested in the body easily and it also leads to many problems.

A gall bladder stone with 22- 30 mm dimension can be cured in Ayurveda. If stomach is affected, it also affects the gallbladder. If gallbladder is affected, it also affects the stomach because both are interconnected. Aswa Kalpa medicine is used to treat constipation – take half a spoon of this churnam an hour before going to sleep. You can consume this with buttermilk as well. 

Herbal Recipe – Gastric Problems

Take a total of 100 grams.

  • Add karunjeeragam (black cumin).
  • Add basil powder (omam podi).    
  • Add fenugreek (Vendhayam).
  • Boil them with 300 ml of water and reduce to 100 ml.

Ideal Time To Consume

Consume it on an empty stomach in the morning and night before going to bed.

You can also drink jeera water to get immediate relief.

For ulcer-related problems, follow this small home remedy.

You can consume banana stems in such cases. Dry it in the sun. Once it is dried, keep it on a vessel and burn it. Collect the ashes and stain them. Take half a spoon of this powder, mix it with water or buttermilk and consume. Feel free to contact us for a consultation or treatment.

Apart from this, problems like piles, anal fissures, anal fistula (pauthiram) can also be treated with the help of Ayurveda treatment.  Avoid spicy foods, fried foods, oily foods, and also reduce the intake of non-veg foods.

At Shree Varma Ayurveda clinic, we try to reduce the acidity level initially. After which the root cause of the problem is diagnosed and proper treatment is given under proper guidance.

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