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Capture The Essence Of Timely Help In Mental Health

Dr. Gowthaman shares his points on mental help and why it should not be underestimated.

Dr. Gowthaman shares his points on mental help and why it should not be underestimated.

It’s time to recognize mental health as essential as physical health. In today’s time and age, it is still not considered as deadly as any physical health issue. We see a lot of people suffering from mental issues like Schizophrenia, having medicines their entire lives.

Since Ayurveda is considered the oldest form of treatment, people often question if mental issues can be cured by this field.

Some Reasons For Schizophrenia

  • Genetics
  • Gland secretion (thyroid gland, pituitary, adrenaline) where adrenaline is directly connected to schizophrenia.

In advanced medical sciences – a schizophrenic patient is often sent to a physiatrist, for glands related problems we consult endocrinologists, etc. For each problem, different types of medicines are taken along with vitamin tablets.

In Ayurveda, mind and body are taken together and not separately. The first treatment to cure the disease is to understand the cause. It was first detected by Ayurveda that deficiency in vitamins, minerals and magnesium could cause depression.

Some Depression Triggers

  • Unbearable loss, sorrow, betrayal, and anger.
  • Unhealthy or less food intake.
  • Pesticides and chemicals in agricultural products can also cause depression.
  • Addiction to drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.
  • Obsession or abusive relationship/childhood.

Ayurveda divides symptoms into 4 categories:

STAGE 1 – Individuals who rebel vigorously and do the exact opposite of what is asked. They do not prefer to talk to anyone but they are intelligent – schizophilia. If this is still not treated, go to stage 2.

STAGE 2 – If individuals can’t sleep through the night but tend to sleep in the morning, or if they like to stay inside closed rooms because they have got their own reasons. At this stage, they are likely to start imagining things.

STAGE 3 – Displaying behavioural symptoms of aggressiveness, opposition, physically hurting others and themselves. They also speak and laugh to themselves when left alone.

STAGE 4 – They won’t be aware of themselves and their actions.

Medical help is taken at stage 3 or stage 4 and not at stage 1 or stage 2 because of unawareness.


  • Even a basic thing like chemical imbalance (high amount of lead, arsenic, mercury, etc) can cause depression. Blood tests are done in such situations to detect them.
  • If the detoxin level in the body is reduced by cleansing off the body with proper Ayurvedic systems, they get better eventually.
  • Bad food habits can be changed to more healthy balanced food.
  • Proper physical exercise can also push an individual to become more active and happy.


Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment

Bile related mental issues – enema related treatment is given.

Gas related issues – loose motion related treatment is given.

Phlegm related issue – vomiting related treatment is given.

When depression is at an all time high, all these three treatments are given together so that both the organs and soul work together.

Zerodha Rai Oil Treatment can also be a good treatment for such situations as it helps the patient keep calm. Along with this, individuals are also given mood enhancement treatments.

Treatment for depression requires a long duration of time, patience, and effort. For such treatments, feel free to contact Dr. Gowthaman.

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