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Break The Silence In Psoriasis…And Not Just In The ‘P’

Break The Silence In Psoriasis…And Not Just In The ‘P’

Break some myths and understand the stages of Psoriasis even better.

Sometimes, people suspect dandruff or nail-related problems to be psoriasis. Even if there was a change in the colour of the skin tone in the hands and legs, people fear it to be a psoriasis condition. Psoriasis is caused by external factors that decrease the lifespan of the skin cells and make the skin shed.

Human body wastes can be excreted in various forms such as urine, solid waste, sweat, etc. In the same way, the dead skin cells are also excreted by the human body but this is not visible to the human eye. When we wake up, there is a lot of dust-like particles on our bed and sheets. This is nothing but the dead skin cells that have been shed from our bodies. When a person is infected with Psoriasis, this shedding of dead skin cells increases rapidly. Usually, these skin cells have a life of 7 to 14 days but when a person is infected with psoriasis – the skin cells die within 3 days. Due to this imbalance, patches are formed on our skin which is visible to our eyes.

Types Of Psoriasis

  • First type is the psoriasis found on the head and surrounding regions like ears and neck. This is circular psoriasis that spreads rapidly across the body and causes high shedding of dead cells.
  • Second type is the psoriasis found in nails. This causes the nails to first turn black and then become yellowish, finally causing the nail to entirely fall off.
  • Third type of psoriasis occurs only in the palms and feet.
  • Fourth type is found only on folds such as knees, elbows, thighs, underarms, etc.

Reasons For Psoriasis

  • Stress.
  • Brain surgery.
  • Stomach and intestine surgeries.
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking habits.
  • Improper diet.
  • Excess consumption of non-vegetarian food.
  • Improper exercise.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Side effects of certain medicines.

Psoriasis does not transfer genetically as it does not transfer due to blood genetically. But, common household practices in food and lifestyle could be a reason that everyone in the family might suffer from this disease. Mental stress among the family and improper diet practices can also cause psoriasis within the family.

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